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Transdermal Penetrating Analgesic

• Immediate POWERFUL pain reliever.

• Works on moderately severe and severe pain as well as pain of recent origin or chronic duration

• Works well on most cases of nerve irritation or inflammation.

• Spectrum of pain relief resembles that of D.M.S.O. but more powerful


• Local pain will disappear within 5 minutes or less. Deep and/or diffuse pain may take up to 15 minutes before maximum relief is obtained.

• Works for 4-6 hours; can be reapplied as needed. No systemic accumulation. Non-addicting; Non-habituating. Totally safe to use when taking prescribed medications.

• Sodium Salicylate shuts off the output of pain nerve fibers selectively and restores them to a resting state; there is no effect on other sensory nerves: the sensation of touch, hot, cold, pressure and position are not affected. .Re-stimulation of the same nerve pain fibers may cause a recurrence of pain in spite of the presence of Blue Magic, that is, the pain may be re-provoked. .

• Patent pending carrier system delivers Sodium Salicylate through skin keratin, the dermis, and the nerve sheath of the underlying pain nerves (C fibers).

• Blue Magic is an OTC Medication; no prescription necessary

Blue Magic is effective in Pain from any Origin

Examples of conditions where Blue Magic has been found to be effective:

1. Joint pain due to acute or chronic trauma, with or without effusion.
2. Arthritis, both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
3. Herpes zoster (shingles).
4. Diabetic neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia.
5. Muscle strain and muscle spasm.
6. Migraine and tension headache
7. Facial spasm pain left as chronic from Shingles

It is officially a Transdermal Penetrating Analgesic that has been formulated by Doctors to penetrate the skin very quickly and transform the pain receiving nerves back to their resting state.  Thus, removing the pain usually in less than five minutes from application.  It will treat almost all types of pain, including but not limited to nerve pain, headaches, migraine, toothache, muscular pain, strains, shingles, chronic pain and mush more.  It is a great selling product and one that customers keep on coming back for more continually, basically as it really does work so well.  We offer it is cases of 30 individual bottles, or in point of sale display cases that come out in three case lots, each with 14 bottles plus a free sampling tester and leaflets.  An excellent product.

This is one of the most innovative and truly ALL NATURAL products we have encountered and it is totally safe to be used for every type of pain, in conjunction with any prescribed medications.  It has a very pleasing odor and offer no side effects of any kind.  What it does offer, is well proven and quite dramatic pain relief for up to six hours from only one application from the roller ball.