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We pride ourselves in offering cutting edge, all natural, turf, ornamental and pest management solutions.

  • Pro WeedAway - All organic soil conditioner and pre-emergent
  • Pro Nutri Magic - All natural and organic fertilizer
  • Pro H2O Magic  - A natural and bio-degradeable water management solution
  • Pro Iron Away  - All natural iron rust stain preventative
  • Pro Pest Away -  Chemical free cedar oil solution
  • Petri-wood     -   Deck, dock and fence stabilizer and preservative
  • Rid A Weed     -  Chemical free alternative to Round-Up
  • Aroma Ace     -  Essential oil nebulizing diffuser by Cedar Mountain Air
  • Ferti-Green     -  Irrigation driven fertigation system
  • Pestigator       -  Irrigation driven pest control

Although our web site is always updating, feel free to contact us with any product questions, prices, orders or concerns you may have.

Local          910-383-2600

Toll Free     877-284-8802

Fax            910-383-2601

 You can also contact us at our e-mail address: epccarolina@yahoo.com.

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